About Clement Rhein

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Clement Rhein BSc. (Hons) Ost, D.O. PGCE HE. is an very experienced osteopath and the principal of the clinic located in Frome. He is particularly focused on causality treatments, meaning that the biomechanical cause of symptoms must be diagnosed in order to administer a specific and tailored treatment for maximal improvements and optimal health. For example, a stiff joint causing pain or discomfort shows that the body is not mechanically balanced and most likely compensating for a problem. Treating this stiff joint will only help temporarily, for as long as the causative problem remains the body will forever have the need to compensate is some way. Compensations shown as a stiff joint is a mere effect of a deeper causal problem.  Clement’s cause based approach aims to directly treat causal problem, which in turn allows compensations to release and symptoms to resolve.osteopath in Frome

He has built a wealth of experience in osteopathic health care since 2005 working with patients of all ages and disciplines such as babies and children, pregnant women, seniors, sports enthusiasts and athletes. Having worked with pioneers in the profession from across Europe, Clement has a cutting edge expertise in osteopathic care and understanding particularly in applying the pioneering research from Germany and Belgium regarding the diagnosis of cause and effect with his patients.

Clement is a result orientated practitioner focused on efficient and effective treatments. Initial instant results from his treatments are usually expected together with further improvements as the body integrates the treatment effects over the following days and weeks. With a cause based approach, weekly follow up treatments focused on maintenance are not needed. As the body regains its balance and resiliency the positive changes are long lasting.

Clement is a natural teacher able to relay complicated subjects into comprehensive terms and holds a Master’s level Post-Graduate Certificate of Education in Higher Education. He has been part of the teaching team at the European School of Osteopathy since 2014 in the department of visceral osteopathy, focusing on teaching how organs are integrated with the musculoskeletal system. He also runs postgraduate courses since 2012 for qualified osteopaths.

Teaching osteopathy in Frome

He regularly gives public lectures with informative presentations exploring the importance of causality within healthcare for long lasting effects, rather than treating symptoms for short term relief. His presentations are empowering, revealing up-to-date diagnostic evidence-based methods and research.

He is commonly called to osteopathic clinics as a consultant to assist other osteopaths with certain challenging patient cases, providing the perfect opportunity for osteopaths to learn how to differentiate their diagnose from effects and compensations to the true causative issues. Consequently, he has gradually become what could be termed an osteopath’s osteopath, treating many colleagues locally.