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Providing osteopathic care in Frome, the Osteopathy For All Clinic is lead by the experienced osteopath Clement Rhein BSc (Hons) Ost, PGCE, DO. Clement is a leader in the field of causality osteopathy, meaning ascertaining the biomechanical root cause behind symptoms and he teaches this approach to other osteopaths in post grad courses.

Diagnosing which tensions are causal and which are compensatory is paramount for an efficient, effective and fast resolution of symptoms, without the need for revisits week after week. Symptoms are expected to improve from the first treatment session.

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Osteopathy helps people of all ages from all disciplines overcome their health challenges. Symptoms such as aches and pains are always the end product of a process; they are the effects of a cause or causes.

Osteopathy does not aim to treat and manage conditions at a symptomatic level but instead looks at the whole body aiming to diagnose the root cause of a patient’s symptoms and reach an effective resolution with minimal treatments. You can read more about the history of Osteopathy if you want a deeper understanding.

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Diagnosing causality

Osteopath in Frome offering cause base osteopathy

To do this, osteopaths interact with the most important interface in the body, the one that relays all the information between tissues… the neurology or nervous system.

Wherever the root cause lies, it will be communicated via nerve pathways up to the brain, information is then processed and an appropriate response generated. An osteopath is able to interpret what information is being communicated by the nerves and where that information is coming from, hence diagnosing cause and effect.

Diagnosing causality is of utmost importance as performing treatment on compensatory tensions and restrictions is futile as the body will eventually reinstate those issues as long as the cause has not being appropriately treated and resolved.

This happens far too often where symptoms may improve after a given treatment but then return and subsequent treatments are required again and again.

Long term improvements

In contrast, when the cause is completely resolved with the appropriate and specific treatment technique, nerves return to their normal function and the brain abolishes the compensatory tension pattern throughout the body that was once needed. Tensions and restrictions that are no longer required quickly and naturally release without the need for direct treatment. The causative issue does not usually return, leaving patients with long term improvements and total freedom of movement.

For example, If the force from the impact of an ankle sprain is stored in the tissues then an Frome Osteopath Back painankle joint causative issue will result. From here, the information is carried through the leg nerves and into the spinal cord in the lower back. The body remembers the impact.

As the nerves enter the spine, they also innervate the local spinal muscles causing sustained spasms that can be of varying intensity causing either aches or sharp pains. For example, treatment applied locally to the lower back may alleviate the symptoms of lower back pain but is usually short lived as the ankle problem will gradually reinstate the muscle tension in the lower back.

Allow spinal muscles to relax

Alternatively, by releasing the stored forces within the ankle, this will neutralise the nerves going into the lower back and consequently allow the spinal muscles to relax and return to normal function and dissolve any symptoms.

These principles of causality and neurology are applicable everywhere in the body. A leg causal issue will affect the lower back and an arm causal issue will affect the neck. The opposite is also true, where a neck causal issue will affect a specific part of the arm and a lower back causal problem will affect a specific part of the leg.

Furthermore, these principles are applicable to all tissues that are innervated by nerves, such as organs, blood vessels, muscles, bones, skin and connective tissue. In other words, a given organ will cause spinal muscles to tighten via its nerve pathways. A tightening in the back and neck can cause aches and pains in the spine and elsewhere. By releasing the causal organ issue with the appropriate technique this in turn resolves the associated spinal tensions.

Find it, fix it, leave it alone.

As per an important osteopathic principle: Find it, fix it, leave it alone. The cause is diagnosed, is released with the appropriate and specific technique, and the compensatory pattern resolves naturally without the need of any direct treatment.

Frome osteopath gentle manipulationTreatment is gentle, non-invasive and is performed fully clothed. A full explanation of what tissue is causing the pain and symptoms such as ligaments, muscles, discs, bones, or organs is given. More importantly, the biomechanical reasons why the given tissues are disturbed and give rise to symptoms are explored and subsequently resolved.

Prevention of symptoms

Osteopathy also has a role in the prevention of symptoms and injuries. Biomechanical tensions predisposes the body to injuries and dis-ease mostly because some joints and muscles will be working abnormally or simply overworking. Getting those predispositions resolved prior to injury is always the best option. As the saying goes, “An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure”.

Osteopathy has been proven to help people suffering from a variety of conditions:

Back pain



Neck pain

Shoulder issues

Frozen shoulder

Elbow pain/ tennis elbow

Hip pains

Knee pains



Digestion issues

Joint pains

Aches and pains

Sports injuries

Muscle spasms


Tension and inability to relax

Rheumatic pain


Circulatory issues



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