FREE health check up for babies and toddlers

FREE health check up for babies and toddlers

Osteopathy has a wide scope of practice and can help with many health concerns due to its causality based approach, focusing on diagnosing causal issues rather than focusing on effects or compensations. The clinic offers FREE health check ups for babies and toddlers in order to resolve their issues while their bodies are still easily changeable and malleable, and before they progress into more ingrained problems, contributing in giving them the optimal start to life! So if your youngest offspring is suffering from certain signs and symptoms, please contact the clinic for on the phone advice and book a free check up.

Frome Osteopathy for babies

Babies and toddlers may suffer from a variety of common ailments and conditions. Where conventional medical approaches focus on managing symptoms typically with drug treatments, instead osteopathy aims to investigate the whole body and diagnose the root cause via assessing the body’s inherent communication system, the neurology.

An abnormal head shape, for example, is typically caused by an imbalance in the way the cranial bones function, which could be due to a difficult birth. This can also cause sleeping problems commonly associated with a hormonal imbalance involved within the circadian cycle including the adrenal glands above the kidneys and the pineal gland within the cranium. Other examples such as learning delays, recurrent ear infections, latching issues, colic, turning the head to one side etc also have connections with the cranium and elsewhere via mechanical and neurological relationships.

To fully resolve symptoms, the principle of cause and effect must be applied and it is paramount to examine the whole body in order to determine the causal links – what body tension is a causal issue and what body tension is a compensation?

Frome Osteopathy for Toddlers